Monday, February 17, 2014

The February '14 Pitch Plus First Page Contest Is Now Closed to Entries

The entry period is over!

All the entries will be posted on Wednesday the 19th at noon EST right here on this blog. At that time EVERYONE is welcome to comment on any and all entries. If you have feedback for the entrant, please be constructive, but conscious that your wording remains respectful.

You can vote on the poll on the sidebar to the right. Please vote only once, but for as many entries as you'd like.

Voting/comments will open on noon this Wednesday and will remain open until 6AM February 22. The top 50 will then be posted for the blogger judging round later that day.

Remember to follow the hashtag #PitchPlus1 on Twitter for updates and friendly conversation.


  1. So will the votes be what moves an entry on to the next round, or will the judges have the final say?

  2. Great question!!!

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