Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Voting Is Open in our February Pitch Plus One Contest -- Come Pick Your Favorites!

Lisa has all the entries posted below for the Pitch Plus One contest (THANKS, Lisa!), but we need your help picking the top 50 who will move on to the Blogger Round of judges. Pretend you are browsing in a bookstore or online catalog. Read through all the entries shown below. Leave comments for the authors if you have any suggestions or notes, and if an entry strikes your fancy--if you'd pick up and read the book or know a lot of people would--then check the blog beside that entry number in the poll that's posted in the right side sidebar.

Vote for as many entries as you like. But we do ask that you read all entries to make sure the process is fair. 

And contest participants, here's a reminder for you. This contest isn't about winning or losing, or about getting through to the agent round. If your pitch and manuscript opening is strong enough, it WILL get requested and read by agents. If it isn't strong enough, then knowing that so you can fix it is a great first step. Don't ask your friends to come and vote for your manuscript. Ask your friends to come and read all the entries and be fair in picking those they believe are the best.

Happy reading, everyone!

All best,

Martina, Lisa, Jan, and Alyssa


  1. Just an FYI, only #52 through #90 are showing up below here. If you manually click on an entry to the right, it takes you to that post, but if you go to the 'home' of Adventures In YA Contests, none of the #51 through #1 appear anywhere.

  2. Okay then, ignore my previous comment. I failed to notice (despite the blatant, bold emphasis) the section to the right of this post notifying people of the second page and that they need to click on the links in order to see them...

  3. We can only vote once total, right? I saw something on twitter about voting once a day, so I wasn't sure.

    1. Just once. But it looks like you can change your vote if you wish as I see an option for that on the sidebar beneath the poll...


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