Wednesday, August 24, 2016

YA Science Fiction: UNIVERSE

Author's Name: EL Cruz
Category: YA
Genre: Sci-Fi
Stage of Completion: Mostly polished and looking to query
Preferred Critique Style: A spoonful of sugar (I critique the same way)
Cat Person or Dog Person: Dog (I love cats too, I'm just allergic)
Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Short Pitch

Five hundred years in the future, Livians rule from the sky while humans suffer on the ravaged Earth. Gray, a human girl, manages to catch the eye of the prince, Leon. They begin a secret love affair and become embroiled in a Livian plot to release a deadly virus on Earth.

Writing Sample

YEAR 2508: Merovale
            Only one season existed on Merovale.
            Spring was perpetual here. Sunlight swathed their world in brilliance and warmth, allowing all life to flourish. Flowers of every color and variety, verdant forests, and exotic animals thrived with no threat of harm or extinction.
            The large group of young students passed under an avenue of towering trees in the Southern Forest.  Jade green leaves interspersed with thick clouds of radiant purple blossoms dipped and swayed in the breeze, casting dappled shadows over the forest floor. A young boy, nearly in his tenth year of life, lingered on the edge of the group, his arms hanging loosely at his sides. He was trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. The more relaxed he looked, the less likely Miss Claire would be to suspect his intent to sneak away.
            "Does anyone know why our climate is ideal?” Miss Claire asked. She was a lovely teacher, more advanced in years, but still carrying the luminous glow of ethereal Livian beauty that ran in her genes. “Can any of you answer my question?"
            Leon heard the question, and he knew the answer. He could wax on for hours about the subject, but he kept his mouth shut. He was trying to blend into his surroundings; become lost amongst the crowd of children whose noble parents had placed them in the nature seminar course offered during the summer break.
            Yes. He could probably get away with it. Despite being the prince, the other children found Leon dull and strange.

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  1. Hey EL,

    Think we could be a fit. My work is under Eden, YA SF. If interested, email your first chapter and query to and we can go from there.



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