Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Author's Name: Katrina Ariel
Category: Adult
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Stage of Completion: Mostly Polished and Looking to Query
Preferred Critique Style: Straight to the Point (though the odd compliment helps. I give feedback with kindness, too).
Cats or Dogs: Cat Person. I have a dog, but I've never not had a cat.
Tea or Coffee: Tea & Coffee. Okay, here's the thing. I used to drink pots of coffee. Now, my body goes haywire if I have more than half a cup. It's sad, I know, but tea is good too. Still love the smell of coffee something fierce.

Short Pitch

Following books left as clues by a meddling god, a dragon-rider with a complicated family must lead four women to free the earth from mutated immortals and their assassins. But when he falls for one of the women, and another entangles with the trickster god Loki, things get difficult. This epic family saga has a steamy sub-plot with diverse characters and myths retold.

Writing Sample

Let’s land there, said the voice inside Davy’s mind. Duer, the crimson and gold dragon flying Davy above New York City, nodded his head toward a spot on the ground, his great wings beating a slow whoomp whoomp rhythm.
It’ll be tight, Davy thought to his dragon, who had just traversed time and space, taking them through the World Tree even though they both knew the risks.
Davy meant to arrive at dawn, but instead they’d emerged into afternoon sun so bright it stung his eyes. He didn’t know the date. He’d figure that out once he was on the ground, but judging by the sweat rising to the surface of his skin, it was summertime.
Davy scanned the green oasis of Central Park, surrounded by miles of skyscrapers. There were people on the fields and more beneath the trees, taking shelter in the shade, playing music, eating, reading, or bent over small machines Davy’s Ma had told him were computers. Or phones. Or any number of devices she’d described.
Davy’s mother was a World-Weaver. That made Davy and his sisters, Julia and Gwen, Weavers as well.

            But they were grown now, and Davy hadn’t told his mother about this trip. None of his three fathers knew where he was, either. Julia knew—the two of them were so close he couldn’t hide anything from her—but they’d kept Gwen in the dark. Sure, there was probably a whole group of gods and goddesses watching him, but Davy tried not to think about that.

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