Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy: WORLD WEAVER

Author's Name: Sarah Pripas
Category: MG
Genre: Contemporary fantasy
Stage of completion: work in progress
Preferred critique style: A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down
Cat Person or Dog Person: Love them both, but cats.
Tea or Coffee: Coffee, definitely.

Short Pitch

Mira Goldman is 13 years old, but she still hasn’t developed her Gift. And in a society of Artist-Magicians, Gifts are very important indeed. When a creative writing assignment leads to her mother falling down the stairs, Mira’s Gift is revealed. She’s a Writer who can change reality through her words. After Mira accidentally-on-purpose creates a universe in which her divorced parents are together again, she discovers that there are people within the society seeking to use her Gift for their own ends.

Writing Sample

            If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this: School talent shows are the worst. Unfortunately, they also happen to be mandatory here at Muses Fine Arts Academy. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a visual arts type. But I can’t draw anything besides lopsided stick figures.
            So that’s why I’m standing here at the side of the stage with my cello, awaiting my punishment—I mean, performance.
            Did I mention that I hate performing in public?
            The boy on stage finishes his trombone piece with one last wah-wah. He’s off-key. At least I don’t have to go after a Musician this time. My average-ish playing always sounds way worse when I have to follow someone who can literally play with people’s emotions using a few clever chords.
            Last talent show, I was stuck playing after my BFF, Callie. She’s the best, but I definitely did NOT love having to follow a Fine Flautist. Like other woodwinds with the Gift, Callie can make people feel joy just by playing her instrument. And I’m supposed to follow that with a slightly screechy rendition of Bach’s first suite?
            This time will be better. I hope.
            “Mira, it’s your turn!” says Mrs. Crickens.
            Deep breaths. I can do this. Maybe I won’t exactly be sending the audience into tears like a real Capable Cellist, but I can at least avoid embarrassing myself.
            “Next, on the cello…Mira Goldman!"
            I march to the center of the stage.


  1. I enjoyed reading your sample page and your novel summary sounds like so much fun. I don't write MG, but I do read it sometimes and I write YA. I would be interested in working together if you would like to. I have two novels I'm trying to find cps for, but if you only wanted to read one that would be fine. One of mine is a contemporary novel about a girl in a cult and the other is a zombie novel. You may email me at if you would like to work with me. Have a great day!

  2. Sarah I love your character. I can't draw either and I love the cello (don't play though, I have no musical abilities unless changing the radio station counts) I write YA contemporary at the moment, but I read everything. If you would like to trade chapters my email address is

    Kristi Radford

  3. Sarah, story sounds great and I like your sample! I write MG and YA; my MG MS is contemporary/fantasy. Email me if you'd like to exchange chapters at

  4. Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed this as well. I write historical MG (currently) and sometimes foray into YA. I like your critique approach... If you want to CP - my email is


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