Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Author's Name: Marc Stansberry
Category: Adult
Genre: Supernatural
Stage of Completion: looking to query
Preferred Critique Style: straight to the point
Cats or Dogs: Dog Person (but I am no cat hater)
Tea or coffee: I'll pass on both, please

Short Pitch

            Ray Beter was called into the ministry on the same day he pledged to solve the mysterious suicide of his brother. Now, forty years later, a spiritual encounter with an angel, Balmosa, has propelled that ministry to national prominence. But when Balmosa returns to reveal that he is actually a fallen angel in rebellion against the Devil, Ray must decide if he is willing to repay the demon’s favors at the expense of breaking his promise to his brother. 

Writing Sample

            Bishop John McCarter covered his face with a gesture that some may have seen as shame, had anyone noticed, but he knew the Pope would approve. He couldn’t afford to be recognized.

            The bishop looked down at his watch as large crowds enclosed him and his assistant, Jason, impeding their walk down the Via della Conciliazione in Rome towards the Vatican City. The menace of rain was threatening to appear at any moment but had not yet struck them or those around them. He quickly peeked up and around while trying to look casual. They were behind schedule.

            The two men moved with deliberate purpose as they weaved within and around the people surrounding them. They tried to blend in while avoiding direct contact as they moved. He saw Jason peer nervously up and beyond the crowd, “We’re going to be late for the Pope.”

            “Quiet!” he chided before leaning in to whisper. “No one’s supposed to know we’re here.”

            He and his partner kept within the shadows of the street-lined buildings to obscure their features and make them harder to identify.

            The bishop felt his heart beating hard as he kept pace with the surrounding mass of people in the street moving forward.

            He wiped some of the perspiration stinging his eyes and kept peeking at the sightseers who were anxious to examine the religious and historical exhibits on display inside. The Americans were dressed in Catholic priestly attire and fit right in with the crowds. He hoped the visitors were oblivious and would ignore them for the more impressive views.

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