Saturday, March 15, 2014


You've all worked super hard and we are so thrilled with the caliber of work and revision we've seen come through this contest! You guys have been polite, hard-working, and supportive to one another, so in our minds you are ALL winners. All 100 of you.

You should know that during this whole process we were excited to see not one, but FOUR people drop out of the contest because they were offered representation. So know that it DOES happen and your hard work can pay off. 

Ahem. You've waited long enough. Drum roll, please. 

The two runners up are:

IF I PROMISE YOU THE SUN by Heather Davis. Heather has won a chapter critique from Agent Susan Hawk! 


SEE YOU THEN, JOSHUA JACOBS by Peggy J. Sheridan. P.J. has won a chapter critique from Agent Roseanne Wells!

The second place winner is:

A SERPENT IN THE GARDEN by Rebecca Santelli. Rebecca has won a two-chapter critique from Agent Kent Wolf!


The Grand Prize Winner

Of Pitch Plus One


LEAVING PEACESYLVANIA by Olivia Hinebaugh!!!!!

Olivia has one a three chapter critique from Agent Christa Heschke!! 

Congratulations to all of you! May you all strive to be the best writers you can be and find your place in the publishing universe. You'll have another chance to see your name up here when we do our next contest later this year! Remember - there is ALWAYS room in this world for good books! 


  1. Thank you! I'm excited and so appreciative of the time and care all of the judges took in reading our work. I look forward to continuing to strengthen my writing with your generous feedback. And, thanks to the AYAP team for running such an awesome contest!

  2. Congrats all you lovely winners!


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