Sunday, August 17, 2014

Announcing the Pitch Plus Five Contest! Our biggest one yet!

One week from today, August 24, we will open submissions for our most spectacular contest yet – The Pitch Plus Five Contest!!!

Not only do we have 27 AMAZING judges, including incredible book bloggers, best-selling authors, and fabulous agents from some of the best agencies out there, but we’ve upped the ante.

This isn't just a contest to enter if you're hoping to get an agent. The whole philosophy behind of our contests is that we want to pay it forward by helping newer writer get meaningful feedback from experts (as well as peers) to tell you how close you are to submission-readiness and to guide you in revisions you may need.  As readers as well as writers, we want to foster good manuscripts because there can never be too many good books!!


We’re accepting not the first sentence, not the first page, but the first FIVE pages of your manuscripts so that you can get feedback from these amazing people and make your work that much better. AND if you make it to the author round? You’ll get to include your query pitch as well! Pretty amazing, right?

Now get in gear and spit-shine those manuscripts! Because one week is when we open the proverbial doors. We’ll have two windows for submission to try and help out those in other time zones, and we’ll be taking the first 25 MG, YA, and NA entries in each window that meed all of the submission guidelines. I will post the full guidelines on Thursday along with the bios of all the incredibly generous judges. There will also be prizes. I’m talking agent and author critiques and even a free query pass to a mega-agent currently closed to queries.

In that vein, I’d also like to announce the Twitter hashtag for this event so we can all communicate with each other between announcements and posts. #PitchPlus5

Are you ready? We can't wait to see your work!


  1. I'm so excited to enter! :) I always look forward to these contests. It gives me more motivation to polish my manuscript.

    I did have a question about the kinds of book we can submit. I've just finished editing a chapter book and was wondering if that would be an eligible entry. It's geared for ages 6-10, so I wasn't sure if that was on the young side for MG or if it would be okay to enter it.

    1. I would call that Early MG. Personally, because most of the judges write for older kids I would go for an older (age wise) manuscript if you have one, but if not then yes -- because why not? :D


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