Sunday, August 24, 2014

Second Submission Window for Contest Now Open!

Submissions are now closed! Thanks to all who entered. Best of luck to everyone and there are always more chances for learning, improving, and making connections with other writers. 

We will now be accepting the second 25 correctly formatted MG/YA/NA submissions according the rules listed on the page above. Please put everything in the body of the email. Good Luck!!

You will get confirmation, but I will personally be checking things over so please do not worry if I don't get to you immediately. Try to take a deep breath and if all else fails eat some chocolate!! That's my cure for everything.

If you do NOT make it in, please don't despair! There will be more chances in the future, and you can still learn so much by watching the comments and the revisions as they go up. If you want to succeed you have to use every opportunity to learn. Don't forget to participate in the conversation on Twitter with #PitchPlus5



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  2. Does this mean that you've emailed everyone who got in? Or are you still working it?

  3. Are you emailing just the ones who made it in, or the ones who didn't as well? I only ask because I haven't received any emails, so I'm assuming I didn't make it. :(

  4. I received an email to say I missed out on first round, but nothing for the second.


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