Saturday, March 8, 2014

Announcing Our Ten Finalists!

We've made it to the final round and may I just say how impressed we are with the quality of your work and revisions! You all deserve a round of applause. Sadly, we must cut down 25 to 10 for our five agent judges to review.

The ten entries named below (again, in no particular order) must send me their pitch plus first page revisions no later than Sunday at noon EST. If your entry is not received by then, your latest version will be reposted.

Remember, 150 word pitch, 250 word first page (but don't cut us off in the middle of a sentence). ONE email only, please. Subject line: Top Ten Entry: (Title).

Body of the email should be formatted like this:




Word Count:


First Page:

And now the titles you've all been waiting for!

  1. Paloma and the Bow Wow Bar Mitzvah
  2. Leaving Peacesylvania
  3. Darkenwear, Inc.: Feathers Vs. Scales
  4. See You Then, Joshua Jacobs
  5. Roger Firebug
  6. Heritage Blade
  7. Conduit
  8. Serpent in the Garden
  9. If I Promise You the Sun
  10. Gerald and the Amulet of Zonrach
Best of luck to all on the Agent Round! The First Place, Second Place, and two Third Place winners will be announced Next Saturday the 15th at Noon EST. 

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