Saturday, September 6, 2014

Announcing the Top 25 in the Pitch Plus 5 Contest!

You've all done an amazing job! I am so happy about the extent of the participation and feedback from everyone involved. You should give yourselves a big pat on the back and remember that everyone is a winner for receiving such valuable critique. Those extra eyes are so important!

I will be sending out emails later today with the judges comments so that you can put them to good use.

I know you're all waiting patiently, or maybe not so patiently. Maybe you've scrolled down already. If your manuscript it named below, please use the same rules you used when you sent your submission and the same email address to send me your 150 word or less query pitch and your revised first five pages by midnight on the 8th so they can be posted on the ninth!


#2 Noble Virtues

#3 Phoenix Rising

#11 Aurora Island

#13 The Troll Diaries

#16 The Past Life of Jase Byrne
#17 Timekeeper

#18 Mash Up

#19 The Lost Pearls of Indarnini

#21 The Blood Rose Rebellion

#22 The Keystone Cure

#23 This Yellow Morning
#25 The River Runners

#26 A Magpie Mind

#29 Queen's Choice

#30 The Secrets We Share

#34 Daughter of the Disgraced King

#36 Freshman Blues

#37 The Runaways

#39 The Only Way to Change

#40 Playing Predator

#41 Incarnate

#43 Twice Dead

#44 Fog and Fireflies

#46 Apothecary of Forbidden Clocks

#47 The Virtue of Sin

*Remember if your manuscript is not up there, you will still have a chance to be chosen by popular vote for some amazing prizes! 


  1. Yay! Congratulations to everyone! :)

    Is the word count limit the same? Revisions often add/delete with significance, so I was just curious.

    1. Same. :D It's up to you what you want in those first five pages.


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